How to Make Purrrfect Homemade Cat Toys

Looking for a quick and cheap way to entertain your cat? Check out this list of purrrfect DIY cat toys for a few amazing ideas on how to make your kitties toys they can destroy (without destroying your budget)!

Toilet Paper Roll Fun Wheel


This one is super simple, requiring just two supplies and two steps! Simply take a pair of scissors to a toilet paper roll, fan the sections out, and toss on the floor to watch your cat have a blast with this hilarious and fun toy!

 Feathery Fishing Pole Toy


Bring your feline friend’s two favorite hunting targets together with this fun toy, which pairs the classic fishing pole with feathers – a combination your cat will find simply irresistible! Simply attach string to the end of a stick, and affix feathers to the end. Your cat will enjoy hours of interactive fun with this inexpensive and fabulous DIY fishing pole!

 Bottle-of-Treats Toy


This one can be made with just a couple of supplies lying around the house. Just take a plastic water bottle, fill it with cat treats (and catnip, if you’d like), and put the cap on. Puncture a hole or two that is just slightly bigger than the treat, and watch your cat bat it around endlessly trying to release the treats!

Noisy Crinkle Toy


If your cat goes crazy over the sound of crinkling, this toy is perfect for you. All you need to do is purchase some noisy plastic material (often used for wrapping fruit baskets) from any craft store, along with two small squares of fabric (or just use some from around the house). Sew 3 of the edges of the fabric together, stuff it with the crinkly plastic, and sew shut. Voila!